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Once a month, a Thursday and a Sunday are reserved for orthodontic treatment.
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2-27-25, Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

tel. 03-6303-8696
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Our Director

Greetings from the Director

品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・Director Tomohiro Hiratsuka
We contribute to dental care in Japan from Oimachi.

Nice to meet you. I am Tomohiro Hiratsuka, Director of Bc Dental Office, 8 minutes from Oimachi Station.
To provide treatment for "the future of the patient", we place great importance on counseling. It is only natural to face patients and provide them with easy-to-understand explanations. We will listen carefully to the patient's current lifestyle and how the patient wants to be in the future, and we will provide treatment to prevent a recurrence, including improvement of lifestyle.

I studied restorative prosthodontics at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University and later at the Brånemark Osseointegration Center, which was established in Japan under the auspices of Professor Brånemark, the father of modern implantology, where I have treated many difficult cases over the past 10 years.

I learned the importance of understanding the extremely delicate mechanism of the human body from my teacher.
I will never lose sight of this starting point and will continue to provide explanations and treatments that are appropriate for each stage of life.
I would also like to contribute to Japan's health care through education, lectures and publications as well as in the community.

If you want to take care of your oral health, get an opinion from an implant-savvy dentist, or enjoy eating with your teeth forever, contact us for a consultation.

DirectorTomohiro Hiratsuka

Our Dentist

Greetings from the Dentist

品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・Dr. Kaoru Kurasawa, Dentist
Dr.Ryosuke Otake, Dentist
品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・Dr. Kaoru Kurasawa, Dentist

Hello, my name is Dr. Kurasawa.
My motto is to provide easy to understand explanations and careful treatment, and I begin my treatment by carefully listening to the patient's thoughts and wishes.
We don't just treat cavities, we also provide preventive maintenance to prevent the condition of your mouth from getting worse again.
Let's work together to restore and maintain your oral health with as little repetition of treatment as possible.
We look forward to working with you.

Dr.Kaoru Kurasawa, Dentist

Clinic Introduction

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・受付

    Reception Desk

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・受付

    Reception Desk

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・待合室

    Waiting Room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・待合室

    Waiting room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・キッズスペース

    Children's Area

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・パウダールーム

    Powder room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・パウダールーム

    Powder Room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・カウンセリングルーム

    Counseling Room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・診療室

    Consulting Room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・特別診療室

    Special Consulting Room

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・滅菌ルーム

    Disinfection and Sterilization Room


  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・歯科用CT 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・歯科用CT

    Dental CT and Digital X-rays

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・マイクロスコープ


  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・ハンドピース専用滅菌器

    Handpiece Sterilizer

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・クラスB滅菌器 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・クラスB滅菌器

    Class B Sterilizer

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・ウォッシャーディスインフェクター

    Washer Disinfector

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・ポセイドン

    Clean Water System

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・口腔外バキューム

    Extra-oral Vacuum

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・説明用モニター

    Display Monitor

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・口腔内撮影デジタルカメラ

    Digital Cmera for Intraoral Photography

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・口腔内カメラペンタイプ

    Intraoral Camera - Pen Type

Access Map

Access from Oimachi Station

品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・アクセスマップ

When using the JR Keihin Tohoku and Tokyu Oimachi Line
Come out of the ticket gate of "Oimachi Station, Chuo Exit (Atre side)" and walk to the right.
Go down to the bottom of the stairs at the "Chuo west-bound ①" area, and you will come out of the A2 exit.

Access from Nishi-Oi Station

品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス・アクセスマップ

Open Google MAP

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス

  • 品川区・大井町駅・西大井町・医療法人社団BCD Bcデンタルオフィス

Traffic information

For those coming by car

Please use a nearby parking lot.

For those coming by train

8 minutes on foot from Oimachi Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku and Keikyu Oimachi Line
11 minutes on foot from Oimachi Station on the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line (direct line to Utsunomiya Line), Sotetsu and JR lines.

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